A Space for Everyone
Our values
Respect, safety, the best for everyone
Do it better, growth mindset, appetite for change
Get Things Done
In the right way, when we said we would, think first and find a solution
Pride in our work, planning to succeed, work done in full and on time, without reworks
Team Player
Positive, communicate, work with others

We are a fun, passionate and lively group of innovators that love a challenge. With a relentless drive to deliver the best, we work together as an unbeatable team, recognising the best in everyone. We are growing fast. Join us on our journey into the future…

What Is It

About Us?

We are the
creators engineers design thinkers creators engineers design thinkers

of workspace furniture today. It’s nearly 30 years ago now that we began, in 1990, and soon became a global company leading the way in furniture design that empowers people. We believe in furniture that
creates happiness unleashes creativity encourages collaboration creates happiness unleashes creativity encourages collaboration
Alongside a human-centric thought process, we’re proud of a unique design heritage. A blend of California cool and London design influences every creation, putting Spacestor’s unique stamp on each interior we enter. At the heart of everything we do is our love for people. It fuels our innovative process. It’s our reason for being. And most of all, it means the Spacestor family is a great body to be part of.
What’s It Like
to be a SpaceMaker?

The design of a workspace cannot be mastered by an individual. It takes an entire team united by one mission to create an amazing interior inspired by the people using it. Spacestor are a family united with the mission to create furniture that attracts and retains the best talent in the world. Together, we continually explore, ruthlessly innovate and make it easy. We are the tech-driven and design-led millennials. We are the aficionados of workspace furniture.


No one’s job is ordinary. We reward all individuals with more than just a salary; we train and develop, listen to each other’s ideas, we empower, we collaborate. We embrace every individual’s unique talent and skills set and this wealthy resource is valued, opening many new paths to future successes. People make us. They’re our most important asset. We love people. We welcome you!

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A Space for Everyone
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